Cobaes manages to combat the backwardness in the payment of retired workers in Sinaloa

Sinaloa.- This day the College of Bachelors of the State of Sinaloa (guinea pigs) took a big step after fulfilling the lag from the bonus payment to approximately 87 retired workerss, an achievement achieved with the support of the governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel, since receiving their benefits is a right of every worker.

The event took place at the Centro Cultural del Bachiller Rosales, where the general director of Cobaes, Sergio Mario Arredondo Salas, was the one who led the symbolic delivery of the checks that cover the concept of retirement bonus to five former workers of this institution.

The general director of the institution announced that it was in mid-2015 when an agreement was reached between Cobaes, SNTE-53 and the State Government, which recognized the benefit, which has benefited 724 teachers in total.

Likewise, he indicated that they were exorbitant and complex amounts to cover, however, when you have the purpose you can achieve great things since that is a recognition of the workers’ rights. That is why they managed to receive good resources, managing to reduce the lag in the retirement bonus.

Arredondo Salas recognized the work carried out in the administrative areas of Cobaes by Marco Antonio Morelos, due to the fact that despite the pandemic, they have achieved a very good operation by receiving punctually the payments corresponding to the fifteen of the more than 3,000 workers.

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Finally, the event was also attended by the general secretary of the Colegio de Bachilleres, José Alberto Salas Beltrán; the technical secretary of the institution, Emma Karina Millán Bueno, and the general secretary of Section 53 of the National Union of Education Workers, José Fernando Sandoval Angulo.

Quirino on mission impossible?


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