Club América: Recognized the Philadelphia grass to play the pass to the final

Pennsylvania, United States.- The America club arrived in the United States since last Monday, September 13 of the present to detail different analyzes for the semifinal duel, against Philadelphia Union, on the Concacaf Champions League 2021.

The eagles of Santiago Solari They reach this commitment with a two-touchdown advantage after winning the first leg in Mexico City. In this way, there are greater advantages for the Coapa club to become the first guest to the grand final of the Concachampions.

Although the azulcrema are one of the teams of the MX League who knows how to play in North American lands, by presenting a high level and a higher percentage to impose himself on his rivals and, mainly, leaving his framework at zero, which will be defended by veteran Guillermo Ochoa.

If America gets the away goal, the crossing would be practically liquidated, since the Philadelphia Union would have to score up to four goals, as long as the disadvantage is not so high. If it happens, it would be an abyss to find four targets, because so far no one has achieved it by facing the Americanists. For now with a 2-0 at home he would force penalties at PPL Park,

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Those of the CDMX maintain a good step within the international competition as in the Liga MX tournament, although Solari himself argued that there will be no confidence in the bench, even when they are the top favorites to advance to the final of the tournament .

“Each game presents totally different circumstances and that for us is the competition, trying to improve and try to overcome the rivals that we play and that is why we respect the opponent a lot and we are going to face this game with respect and humility,” he said at a press conference .

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“We must understand a good game and that would be the difference, playing a good game does not exceed 90 minutes, we will face the return game with all the respect this duel deserves, we will work hard to enforce what we achieved in the first leg,” he added the Argentinian.

The game will be played next Wednesday, September 15, at 8:00 p.m. (Mexico time), 7:00 p.m. (Culiacán time). Whoever advances to the final will face either Cruz Azul or Monterrey, which will be measured at Azteca, for next Thursday.

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