Clemente Vizcarra

In order to leave the appointment of rector to the new governor, General Gabriel Leyva Velázquez designates interim rector of the University of Sinaloa for a period of four months to Mr. Clemente Franco Vizcarra, who took office on September 3, 1962. Vizcarra Franco was born in Concordia, Sinaloa, on November 23, 1904.

After completing his primary studies at the Encarnación Osuna school, in 1923 he entered the State Boarding School, in Culiacán, to study high school. In Mexico City he entered the National Preparatory School and then the Law School of the National University of Mexico.

During his short rector’s office, the incorporation of the Guamúchil Preparatory School was ratified and the Ahome Secondary School was incorporated, the University Library was established and the General Regulations of the University were modified.

In the administrative line, he hires full-time staff for the Central Library, due to the increase in the school population of the Secondary School, two prefects are hired; A secretary is appointed for the School of Accounting and Administration, and others are hired for University Extension, School Services, the Institute for Economic Research and for the service of the directors of schools and faculties.

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