City Hall of Choix, Sinaloa, celebrates the “Day of the Police”

Choix, Sinaloa.- The H. City Hall of Choice, in coordination with the Directorate of Public Safety and Municipal Traffic carried out Police Day celebration.

During the celebration, the police officers of the year were recognized, as well as those who completed 30 years of police service, as well as those police officers who died while on duty.

“I thank the president of the DIF, the secretary and the other officials who accompany us, Manuelita, thank you very much, but above all, thank you to each and every one of you for being here this afternoon celebrating this day of yours, that we as City Council We feel very proud to be here accompanying them in this celebration because we know the work they do on a daily basis, we know that sometimes situations occur that risk even their lives, apart from thanking and admiring them; That is why the Cabildo and also the treasurer have decided that each of you be given a bonus. Why? Because if they are gifts, some touch some not, then we want each one to take a bonus, which may not be much but we do give it to each one of us with great affection; thanks also to the director Juan José for this excellent work that our director has been doing with all of you, thank you very much, this is to thank you all”, said Amalia Gastélum Barraza Mayor of Choix.

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Present were Cristian Ávila Gastélum, president of the municipal DIF system; Jesús Yojari Vega Cota attorney trustee; Teresa de Jesús Ontiveros Molina municipal treasurer; Othón Osuna secretary of the Hon. City Council of Choix; Julieta Padilla Regidora; Yoneida Gamez Councillor; Second Officer Juan José Valenzuela Villela Director of Public Safety and Municipal Traffic.

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