Citizens take Hidalgo street in Culiacán in protest to close the passage of vehicles

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- Citizens from groups of social groups gathered this afternoon in the first square in the center of the city of Culiacán, where They demonstrated to request that a section of Miguel Hidalgo street be closed again, so that pedestrians can travel more safely.

The demonstrators stood on that road, between Domingo Rubí and Juan Carrasco streets, in front of the Gustavo Garmendia municipal market, carrying banners in rejection of the decision made by the new mayor of Culiacán, Juan de Dios Gámez Mendivil, to remove the planterswhich served to block the passage of cars.

The activist Mariel Yee, announced that in this mobilization the groups have joined: Pedestrian League, Amapas del Norte, Femenistas Alteradas Sinaloenses, Jane’s Walk Culiacán, C’MAS (Collective of Women Activists of Sinaloa, AC), Recuperarte , Women on Bikes and PRO City.

He pointed out that the idea of ​​this protest is to create awareness among the authorities, so that take pedestrians into account in the decisions they make, instead of benefiting only a group of businessmen.

“This is an exercise in protecting public space, thinking that if at the end of the day, trade is not encouraged, it has to do directly with a pandemic issue, we cannot forget that there was a health crisis, which for more than two years It has stopped us in some ways,” Mariel said.

He pointed out that: “the fact of opening a path for pedestrian mobility, precisely motivates people to buy in the spaces, that we stop and with greater attention we stop in stores, it is thinking that it facilitates the transfer of market tenants , which then require ‘little devils’ to move their merchandise”.

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For his part, citizen Adriel Vega, commented that it seems very good to them that they want to close the passage of vehicles in that section of Miguel Hidalgo street, so that pedestrians have more security and considered that the mayor should reconsider the decision to have removed the pots.

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