Citizens march in La Reforma, Angostura on the Day to Fight Breast Cancer

Angostura, Sinaloa.- In order to raise awareness about the care and prevention of breast cancer, the Health Center of La Reforma, Angostura, DIF Municipal, as well as citizens made a March with balloons and colors alluding to the World Day of the Fight against this terrible disease.

The march was led by the nurse Andrea Cervantes López, who is part of the Women’s Health program of the Health Center of the fishing field of La Reforma, Angostura.

After a talk, awareness about self-exploration was raised so that all women are aware of their body and the transformations that occur in it in order to avoid breast cancer.

It is worth mentioning that the supervisor of Medical Attention Letseida Angulo Camacho, the municipal doctor, Ismael Angulo Meza, the president of DIF Angostura, Angélica María Mariscal Lerma, the director of DIF, Flor Yolanda Godoy López and staff from both institutions were present.

This is the month in the fight against breast cancer, which is why they urge women to constantly carry out self-examination to be able to detect the terrible disease in time or to rule it out.

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In the same way, an extensive invitation was made so that tomorrow they attend a talk in the auditorium of the Municipal Presidency of Angostura, which is organized by the DIF System and that seeks to end doubts about early care of breast cancer, as well as taking the pertinent measures.

They strengthen the health system in Sinaloa


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