Citizens condemn the report of “Chemist” Benítez in Mazatlán

Sinaloa.- Citizens from the port of Mazatlán they disapprove the third government report from the mayor, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres. They claim that the Chemist had little interest in addressing the various problems in the popular neighborhoods of the city.

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Raúl Carvajal Tirado, a member of the popular council of the Mazatlan neighborhoods, said that one should not invest due to occurrences and respect the municipal plan, as it indicates which items should be carried out.

Manuela Cárdenas, resident of the Burócrata neighborhood, said that the president owed it to the popular colonies, since there are different needs and they have not been attended to 100 percent.

The council leader, Miguel Ángel Jardines, argued that they hope that things will improve with the arrival of Rubén Rocha Moya to the governorship.

In his third government report, Benítez Torres, assured that his administration had healthy finances.

“There was little interest in serving the colonies”: Raúl Carvajal Tirado, Member of the Mazatlán popular council

“El Químico had little interest in addressing the various problems in the popular neighborhoods of Mazatlán. That is where more investment is required, but it is not present, I do not know where the resource has been wasting and investing.

We want that it is not being invested by occurrence, that what is indicated in the municipal development plan be followed in a punctual and precise manner, it says that activities must be undertaken to satisfy the demands of the Mazatlan people.

There is a maximum limit of what the budget should be allocated and I believe that the right thing is not being done here, the invitation is that, that they invest attached to a municipal development plan; It is not that I go, I go out and I saw that the trees had them with certain figurines and I come and implement them here. There is a call for attention so that the authority turned to look at the colonies, there truly is a historical debt, not only from this administration, but from many others. It seems that they are more involved in seeing the tourist area and stop listening to the most vulnerable ”.

“The report presents a reality that does not exist”: Miguel Ángel Jardines, leader of the popular council of Mazatlán

“Chemist Benítez’s report is a report that lacks objectivity and has features of presenting a reality that is not.

There is an investment of 9.7 percent in the last year in public works, it is recommended at the national level that the public works be up to 30 percent, the average is 23 percent at least; here we are at 9.7 percent, the Chemist greets someone else’s hat in some works as if they had been from the municipality, when in reality the resource comes from the state government or at the federal level. I remember that Buelna announced it as the great work of his government, when in reality, they were state and federal resources, he is crafty in what he is reporting.

There is overflow of sewage throughout the city and there are procedures in Jumapam that have not been attended, there is a clandestine garbage that supposedly belongs to the hoteliers, I do not think that the government has not realized that situation. I think we should watch what the municipality is doing, we will have to ask the citizens if it is convenient now with the revocation of the mandate that the president continue for three years ”.

“There are neighborhoods that are in terrible condition”: Manuela Cárdenas, Neighbor of the Burócrata neighborhood

“The needs are many, there are colonies in terrible conditions. When there is an emergency there is no way to go. In the colonies you see poverty, you feel abandonment, the sadness of a child with an uncertain future. The Chemist should turn to see the colonies, not make the expense of occurrences. Drainage is everywhere, in the entire city area there is a lack of services.

When the Chemist was on the campaign he went to the colony, he said he was going to support us but we have not received any support. Many things are needed here, especially the lack of deeds in many homes, this is what we are promoting, the certainty of housing. It is what the president must see, see all those who are at high risk in housing. Everyone has the right to a family heritage and a decent home.

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It is not worth investing only in the tourist area, there is also a need for works where low-income families live. We trust that the situation will improve for Mazatlán with the arrival of the governor, Rubén Rocha Moya. “

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