Chili and tomato prices rise

The devastation left by Hurricane Nora in Sinaloa on tomato and chile crops will consequently determine the prices per kilogram of these products that will be established in the market. Two weeks after this natural phenomenon that represented a considerable loss of these crops, they allow evaluating an increase in prices, mainly in the chile that is currently in the supermarkets of Sinaloa in its different varieties from 39.90 to 148.90 pesos, which is the highest .

The variety with the highest consumption among the Sinaloans are the jalapeño and serrano, which range between 47.90 and 59.90 pesos per kilo, whose purchase is predominant especially in the months of September and November during the National and Revolutionary celebrations, prices that of maintaining the increase could generate a financial blow to the pockets of Sinaloans, who predominate in the consumption of these products.

The effects of the floods in different agricultural areas of Sinaloa due to the passage of Hurricane Nora, it is expected that at the end of these months a general assessment of the effects could be given and from there determine the general increase of these products.

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