Chemist Benítez ‘throws the ball’ to the PAN and PRI, blames them for floods in Mazatlan

Sinaloa.- There is no money enough to raise the city y correct what the PAN and PRI governments left by allowing the closure of natural channel of rainwater, assured the municipal president, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

He reiterated that the floods this weekend is not the responsibility of the municipal authority, “We clean canals on time and we have evidence”, but the citizens do not comply and throw garbage.

Not all citizens are the same, some are exemplary, but there are other “citizens who are cancer,” said the Chemist.

He added that in the Hogar del Pescador, they took out 17 tons of garbage and as well as this settlement there are several, this caused the flooding in a large part of the city.

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People must understand and join in these actions so that these problems do not occur every time it rains in the port and avoid suffering the consequences in their homes or neighborhoods.

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