Cheated? Culiacán Government announces discounts on property payment, but they do not apply it at the cash register

Sinaloa.- Citizens said deluded by the Culiacán City Council because they announced that they would be discounts 100 percent in fines and surcharges of the property payment, but when they arrive at checkouts they are told that the discount is only for the year 2021.

Last week the municipal palace shared on its social networks and through different media said announcement of the discounts, in which it didn’t say it was only for the year 2021.

The nonconformists said they were deceived, since it does not seem fair to them to say one thing and then tell them another, since everyone has been sacrificing early in the Culiacán City Hall.

Sixto Soto commented that many asked for work leave, borrowed money to catch up on the possibility of being forgiven for fines and surcharges, since this is what they shared through the media as well as on official pages.

Culiacán announces discounts on property payments, but they don’t give it | Photo: Marco Ruiz / Debate

“We came to try to pay and obtain the benefit and they tell us that the benefit is only for 2021, and 2021 is not yet over. We feel cheated by the ways in which they are denying us the benefit that they themselves published” .

Faced with this situation, they called on the mayor of Culiacán, Jesus Estrada Ferreiro to intervene and put order since it is something that they caused by not specifying previously.

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The employees of the town hall put up the signs that it is only for discounts on payments of the property of the year 2021 until this day after they showed the disagreement and demanded the discounts that were published.

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