Champions League: Pochettino says that Neymar, Mbappé and Messi need time to understand each other

Bruges, Belgium.- This Wednesday the reflectors were on the PSG that featured Lionel Messi, Neymar and Kilian Mbappé in the starting lineup, but they did not perform well when they tied in the Argentine’s first game with the Parisian club in the Champions League.

The first game in which the three PSG stars, Messi, Neymar and Mbappé coincided on the pitch ended with a poor game and a sad 1-1 draw in Bruges on his Champions League debut, so the Parisian coach Mauricio Pochettino he claimed “time.”

“We need time to work, so that they get to understand each other, so that they do good things between the three of them,” said the Rosario coach after the meeting in the Belgian city.

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From Messi, who played his first game as a starter since his arrival in Paris, his compatriot stressed: “I am happy with his game, the desire he has put in, his attitude and his adaptation.”

The one who did not finish the game was Mbappé, who retired at the beginning of the second half with physical problems: “He has sprained his ankle. We’ll see tomorrow, ”Pochettino said.

Regarding his team’s game, the Argentine coach said: “We have to be more consistent, we made a lot of mistakes in the first half and we have to be more fluid in the game.”

Neymar and Lionel Messi during the PSG match in the Champions League / EFE

“I don’t think they dominated us because we had possession of the ball, but there were phases in which they were better,” he admitted.

“I am happy with the team’s effort, but it has not been a good night, although we must remain calm,” he insisted after the poor debut in the Champions League, a tournament in which the PSG is the big favorite.

“The most important thing is to have the time to play better,” he added.

PSG’s next game in the Champions League It will be a great challenge to receive in the Park of the Princes the Manchester City that today beat RB Leipzig 6-3.

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