CDMX mobilizations, September 16: capitalists protest in two mayoralties

This September 16 the Command, Control, Computing, Communications and Citizen Contact Center (C5) of Mexico City reports on the mobilizations planned in different mayors of the capital.

The agency confirmed that people and protesters from groups in the demarcations Cuauhtémoc and Miguel Hidalgo (MH).

From 06:00 hours, they concentrate Police with Dignity, Courage and Justice in Avenida Juárez in the Historic Center.

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At 08:00 hours, the march of the Blue Brotherhood began in the Republic Square of the colony Tabacalera.

At 10:00 hours, Cubans residing in Mexico will protest on Avenida 5 de Mayo and De la Palma del Historic center.

Finally, in MH, the Communist Party in Mexico and the 4T Patria Grande Antifascist Committee in Presidente Masaryk 554, in Polanco II Section.

Regarding the program Today does not circulate, vehicles with green gumming and ending in number of plates 1 and 2 will rest.

Parents of children with cancer block the CDMX Airport … again

In the absence of the oncologists promised by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, parents of children with cancer once again close the main entrances of the Mexico City International Airport (AICM).

The representative of Executive affirmed that the anticancer drugs would arrive last Saturday; However, when they did not receive them, parents protested on the outskirts of the city. Terminal 1 of the AICM.

From 08:30 a.m., people keep Capitán Carlos León Avenue and Fundidora de Monterrey, located in the neighborhood, closed Rock of the Baths from the mayor’s office Venustiano Carranza (YOU).

“Let López-Gatell resign, he has double standards, he is a nalgón bird! Pure blah, blah, blah and no facts,” one of those present reproached.

Armed with posters, adults launched letters of “Immediate supply of medicines” and “Corruption kills”, with which they demand the resolution of AMLO regarding the supply of medicines.

In addition, through shouts of “Get out Gatell!” They request the resignation of the Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion of the Ministry of Health of Mexico, Hugo Lopez-Gatell, who stated in the past days during a broadcast of El Chamuco TV that the parents’ protest was part of a “coup narrative.”

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Meanwhile, the AICM and the Command, Control, Computing, Communications and Citizen Contact Center of Mexico City (C5) share alternate roads for vehicular traffic.

This is how Claudia Sheinbaum voted during the 2021 citizen consultation


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