CDMX has already passed us! AMLO urges SCJN and FGR to expedite the departure of prisoners by Presidential Decree

Mexico City.- The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), called for the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) and the General Prosecutor of the Republic (FGR), to expedite the procedures to release prisoners over 65 with a chronic disease.

AMLO highlighted in his morning conference that the Government of Mexico City, led by Claudia Sheinbaum, had already managed to free about 40 prisoners under the requirements established in the president’s decree, for which he urged the SCJN and FGR to rush requests.

However the President Andrés Manuel He recognized the bureaucracy that exists in Mexico, ensuring that even his administration has been affected by the same instances.

The president indicated that there will be a rapprochement with the FGR and the SCJN so that, before September 15, people who comply with the provisions of the decree can get out of pressure.

AMLO Decree

The decree that was announced last July by President Andrés Manuel, establishes that people who have not received a sentence in more than 10 years, regain their freedom.

In addition, people over the age of 75 must also be considered for release from prison under the requirement of not having committed a serious crime.

Adults over 65 who have a chronic disease can also regain their freedom in the same condition that they have not committed a serious crime.

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Likewise, all inmates who have been tortured and are verified through the Istanbul protocol. Regardless of age and crime.

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