CDMX abhors all kinds of phobias: Sheinbaum in the framework of the LGBTQ+ Pride march

Covered with a mask alluding to the colors of the flag of the LGBTQ+ pride, Claudia Sheinbaumhead of government of Mexico City, mentioned that the capital of the country reject all kinds of phobias.

The statements of the capital president occurred at noon this Thursday, June 23, within the framework of the announcement of the celebrations for the month of LGBT pride and the march which will take place this Saturday 25.

The capital president pointed out that the Mexico City hates the discriminationhomophobia, transphobia and all kinds of phobias, express.

He mentioned that in capital of the countryeveryone sits free in one city ​​of rights.

The LGBTQ+ pride march in CDMX is one of the largest in the world: Sheinbaum

Sheinbaum explained that the march of the LGBTQ+ pride on the Mexico City is one of the most big in the world. He added that many are being prepared activities from the city government, as well as organizations, civil societies, those who participate in the march.

He detailed that the mobilization es historic and indicated that the march makes the citizens of the capital proud.

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The brunette He ended his message by mentioning that the Mexico City es different y respect everyone.

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