Capomenses, a month without drinking water

A substantive solution and with a conscientious distribution of the financial resources of the municipal administration, which end once and for all with the millionaire debt of the Commune with the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), is what is needed in the municipality of El Fuerte so that families stop suffering from the lack of liquid life.

In August, residents of the Mochicahui receivership took the Los Mochis-El Fuerte highway to demand water because they had been affected by the cut made by the CFE to the El Fuerte Potable Water and Sewerage Board (Japaf) in the absence of payment, for which a diesel-based electric power generator was put on them.

It is now the indigenous community of Capomos the one who raises her voice to be heard because they don’t have tap water, but unlike Mochicahui, no one listened to them. They denounced that they have a month without water and although they planted themselves in the Municipal Palace and blocked the entrance arch of the Magic Town, no authority attended them. They accuse that the pipes that are sent to them are few and with cloudy water.

At the time, Mayor Nubia Ramos pointed out that no matter how many doors she had touched, including that of Governor Quirino Ordaz, none were opened to help them resolve the conflict.

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However, yesterday it seems that the government that she leads has also left Capomenses alone by not even showing empathy and listening to their governed.


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