Can’t stand mosquitoes in your neighborhood anymore? The priority is to spray where there are Aedes mosquitoes, says Salud de Ahome

Los Mochis, Sinaloa.- Although many communities of Ahome and colonies of Los Mochis have complained about the annoying mosquito, Municipal Health reported that to carry out the fumigations against this insect, priority is given to those places where there is Aedes aegypti fly, causing the dengue.

“It is true that there are some colonies where they can say that there are many flies, but many times these flies are not the ones that are transmitting the disease and we have to give priority to those places where the vector department detects the growth of these flies, or, that there are confirmed or suspected cases of dengue ”, said Francisco Espinoza Valverde.

The director of Municipal Health of Ahome commented that the Sanitary Jurisdiction 01 makes them know precisely where there is presence or growth of the Aedes mosquito, through its vector department.

“So, regardless of whether there are many flies or few, we are always going to fumigate the colonies that have growth of the Aedes mosquito, which is the transmitter of virus diseases, and it will always be that way, we will always go to spraying the areas that are potentially more prone to these viral diseases ”, he highlighted.


The municipal official announced that 1,100 fumigations have been carried out from 2018 to date.

“We have been working very actively and especially in coordination with the Sanitary Jurisdiction to be able to fumigate those areas where there are suspected and confirmed cases of dengue, or the growth of the Aedes mosquito, which is the one that transmits diseases such as dengue, zika and the chikungunya”.

On the other hand, Omar González, head of Sanitary Jurisdiction 01, commented that according to federal guidelines on the use and management of insecticides, it is only fumigated where there are probable or confirmed cases of dengue, or where there are larval positivity.

“We must continue working on the elimination of hatcheries, clean yards and larval control.”

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He mentioned that they will program a larval control brigade for the community of El Colorado, where its inhabitants asked for fumigation because they cannot bear the flies.

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