Boxing: Oscar Valdez statue unveiled in his native Nogales

Two-time world champion Óscar Valdez was given a warm reception by his native Nogales, Sonora, after his disputed victory over Brazilian Robson Conceicao on September 10, when he unveiled a statue in his honor at the Estrellas Nogalenses Sports Unit.

Valdez ended turbulent days with a tight victory over Conceicao to a packed house at the Casino del Sol in Tucson, Arizona. Despite the controversy caused by having an adverse result in an anti-doping test for phentermine, in the end it was enough for Oscar to convince the judges and keep the Super Featherweight Championship of the World Boxing Council.

“I feel very happy for this recognition, I have the motto of ‘Puro Nogales’ tattooed and I want the children, young people and all the people in general in my land to understand that they should not give up, that everything is possible if you work and not you take your finger off the line until you achieve your dreams, “said the two-time Olympian.

“I want you to think every time you see this figure that one day there was a man from Nogala who started from very low in boxing, who went to two Olympics and became a professional world champion and who worked all the time to be a boxing legend and place his name among the best in the world ”, added Óscar Valdez.

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The life-size statue, made by the artist Alfredo Cota, was made in bronze and is located on the esplanade of the sports unit that saw Oscar grow up. Jesús Pujol, municipal president of Nogales, was the one who accompanied the champion to unveil it.

“It is an honor for us to have you here this afternoon, unveiling this sculpture that reflects your work and effort, which has led you to be a world champion. In this administration we decided to support all kinds of sports activities and you are our best example, ”said Pujol.

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