Birrería México dominated Pingüica Nuevos Valores de la Liga de Ahome

In addition to staying with the championship in the Pingüica category (7-8 years old) New Values ​​of La Liga Infantil y Juvenil de Beisbol Municipal de Ahome AC, the ninth of Birrlería México also dominated the individual departments by securing 3 of the 4 titles in dispute .

The Champions

The win-loss championship went to right-hander Freddy Higuera Acosta, who finished the regular season with an immaculate 7-0 record. His teammate Juan Luis Velarde took the title in the ERA department with a percentage of 8.40. The other birriero who won an individual championship is Alberto Zavala Cárdenas, home run champion with a 4-season hit. The champion bat was Jesús Mateo Barrón Montero of Arizona School Conecta, who averaged a thick .773.


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