Big Love

The great Dante Alighieri died in the city of Ravenna, on the night of September 13-14, 1321. Much has been written about the great Florentine poet. However, little by little we know what happened to his family.

Born in Florence between May and June 1265, in 1274 he met Beatrice for the first time, with whom he fell madly in love at first sight. Nine years later he exchanges the first word, a simple greeting, with his beloved. Dante’s happiness is perfect.

So that no one finds out about his love, he pretends to love two women. When she found out, Beatriz withdrew her greeting. No matter how hard she tries, Dante doesn’t convince her. Finally Dante accepts the situation, after much suffering in silence.

Now he only has to live for the memory of the woman he adores with all his soul. In the following years he lived with several women, almost in a life of debauchery. In 1285 Dante married Gemma di Manetto Donati, with whom he procreated Jacopo, Pietro and Antonia.

We don’t know anything about this woman who gave her life to the great writer. Although Dante wrote hundreds of pages about his life, he does not mention it in any of them. In June 1290 Beatriz died. Despite being married and loved by his wife, Dante, upon learning of the death of his beloved, felt that his life was ending.

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