Bety Pico de Armenta happy in her beautiful birthday party this 2021

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- Wearing a beautiful outfit in yellow and pink colors, it was with which Bety Pico de Armenta adorned this afternoon when she was partying for another year of life.

And what better reason than this to meet with their children, Lupita, Beatriz, José Juan and Luis Armenta Pico, accompanied by Gerardo Zazueta, Lorena Gastélum, Rocío Bon and Jaime Sampere, and their beloved grandchildren. Happy to be accompanying Bety again as she is on her birthday during this beautiful family reunion. Event in which the signs of affection were not stopped seeing as she was one of the most loved and important people in their lives.

To pamper her on this day, her loved ones organized this family gathering in which all the members of the same party were while they celebrated with Bety this long-awaited date by the lady. In which they shared the dishes of the honoree’s spoiled food and which I taste with a smile with each of those gathered there. And it was with a delicious dessert garnished with kiwi, strawberry and peach with which he made his birthday wish. The celebration is enlivened with beautiful violin melodies, which put that unique touch to the event in his honor.

The guests took advantage of being a couple of hours to wish Bety the best in life and that she always continue to be that happy person that they love and admire so much.

Closing with a flourish this afternoon full of joy, after taking the traditional photographs of the memory with the homejeada. Who gladly agreed to each of them after commenting that there is nothing better to immortilize a celebration than to express in this way the great love that their relatives have for them.

!! Congratulations!!


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