Between tears and sighs, they fire Susana, the manager who died in the collapse of the shoe store in Culiacán

Sinaloa.- Cheli remains serene. The chaos of Monday the 13th is already alien to him. Cloistered her body in the pink of her coffin, he isolates her from her mother’s crying. This is how the susana’s funeral, the young woman who died in the collapse of the roof of the shoe store in the center of Culiacán.

Ramona’s crying is the only sound in the room. The mother rocks her hair and tries in vain to contain the dam of her eyes with the cloth. Three crowns and a thick silence create the atmosphere of mourning.

Susana Araceli exhibits herself in a burning chapel before her mourners. The eighth of twelve siblings concentrates the memories. “We thought it was something very unfair … if not believed,” says Dora Alicia, the most attached of her sisters.

In the Jerusalem room, the light is dim. The seats, full of mourners. The imperceptible smell of death of the roses decorates the aseptic atmosphere of the funeral home. Cheli’s serenity is oblivious to the pain in her rose-colored coffin.

Originally from San Javier, Badiraguato, Susana Araceli, with her basic studies and her ability to handle social networks, crowned her working life with the management of the shoe store, where she died as a ship captain.

“She had a lot of head for that …”, comments Isela, one of her sisters. Juan Diego, her son who is about 12 years old, hangs around the room. He watches for a moment Dora Alicia and Isela, Bertha and José, his maternal uncles, but he returns to the arms of Juan Diego, his father.

In front of the coffin, Ramona succumbs to the inexorableness of death and rests her chin on her chest with tender sighs. “So much that I took care of you even though you were far away …”, he whispers.

Cheli has observed a bare environment since her death, oblivious to pain. Oblivious to the omission and chaos of the fall of her world in the shoe store on Monday the 13th.

Oblivious to the lively hopes of Dora Alicia in front of the tape that separated her from her death in the shoe store where she fought for life in the heart of Culiacán. “… hope she was okay … that she was alive,” sighs Dora Alicia.

Juan Diego Jr. snuggles into the lap of his father, Juan Diego. The father covers him with his arm while his gaze remains absorbed, distant. Cheli’s partner refrains from the comment and becomes self-absorbed. “I’m in no condition …”, he says.

The sisters come and go across the room. They communicate with the brother absent from the funerals of the eighth of the brothers. The happiest of a numerous offspring. Susana Araceli, the capable one. The one who rose to a management with her basic studies, but an expert in communication technologies.

Dora Alicia breathes life through a mask that hides her face, but not her feelings. Look back and breathe the memory out in one breath.

“You hardly knew you were having a problem, unless she said so,” he says.
Cheli remains impassive in the pink of her coffin. Alien to the mother who dies with her in each tear. Alien to Juan Diego, his partner, who remains absorbed in the loneliness of death.

And oblivious to the wishes of Dora Alicia and Isela in front of their shoe store in rubble, with the roof down and their dreams shattered. Oblivious to his hopes that she was alive.
La Cheli was more absent from the cloistered life in her rose-colored coffin than the wishes of her own …

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Susana Araceli died on Monday in the collapse of the roof of the shoe store where she was manager; With her death, her 11-year-old son Juan Diego was left in the maternal orphanage, and in mourning his mother and brothers.

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