Benefit 29 citizens of Angostura with hearing aids

Angostura, Sinaloa.- Looking for the best quality of life for Angosturans, the DIF System, in charge of María de Los Ángeles Gaxiola Beltrán, through the Social Work area, achieved that in the city of Culiacán Hearing aids will be donated to 29 people They have serious hearing problems.

Maria de Los Angeles Gaxiola Beltrán, director of Narrowness DIFthanked DIF Sinaloa, Beneficencia Pública and the Telmex-Telcel Foundation for making it possible for more people to increase their quality of life, by giving them the opportunity to be able to hear with their new hearing aids.

She affirmed that she will always be willing to support them in terms of the possibilities of the paramunicipal, therefore the DIF System was responsible for the transfer to the facilities of the Center for Rehabilitation and Special Education, (CREE)where they manufactured hearing aids and adapted them to the needs of each person.

For her part, Lucero Armenta Ramírez, Social Worker of DIF Angostura, explained that the social assistance program was carried out for people in vulnerable situations, where 4-channel digital hearing aids were delivered.

He added that said program is for the benefit of people who have serious hearing problems and, in addition, he highlighted that on this day 29 people were supported, including older adults, women and men of average age, as well as minors in order to grant them better hearing quality and fulfilling life.

Lastly, Melina Lugo Castro, assistant in the Social Work area, pointed out that there were those who were provided with the two devices despite the fact that they only expected the support of one.

He stated that this equipment has a useful life of between 6 to 8 years with due care and maintenance every year.

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Lugo Castro highlighted some of the indications for the care of this hearing device and said that it is appropriate to keep them in their case to protect them from shocks and water when they are not being used, as well as always recommend turning it off. “People who are using this type of aid for the first time are recommended to increase their use as the days go by,” he concluded.

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