Before dying Mariely drank her urine and fed her children to save them from the shipwreck

Venezuela.- On September 3, a family boarded a boat to go from Puerto Encantado, Higuerote, to Isla Tortuga in Venezuela, but on the way they had an accident, which left the passengers shipwrecked, days two children were found clinging to the body of their dead mother, which, before dying, managed to make her children survive.

According to the investigations, in the middle of the trip a wave lost the hull of the boat causing a shipwreck that so far has five missing people, what has most moved Venezuelans is the survival story of the mother, identified as Mariely .

When the accident happened Mariely stayed in the middle of the sea with her two children two and six years old along with the nanny, she only thought one thing; saving your children will cost what it will.

It was four days that the mother and her children were floating in the sea of ​​Venezuela under the sun in a small boat, at that time Mariely took her own urine and fed the children with her breast to prevent them from becoming dehydrated, unfortunately she died.

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When the authorities of the Institute of Aquatic Spaces (INEA) located the small boat, the two children were clinging to their mother’s body, which they did not want to let go of.


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