BBVA app and ATMs continue to fail, report users on social networks

Mexico.- Electronic services of the banking institution BBVA before Bancomer They caused chaos after their mobile application and ATMs prevented users from carrying out various operations, such as payments, withdrawals and transfers.

According to reports on social networks, the failure in the services was registered in the early hours of the morning and a few minutes after the end of the day the failure still persists.

Officially the BBVA Mexico reported at 11:00 a.m. through a statement acknowledged having failures in its systems and assured that it was working to solve it as soon as possible and proceed with operations.

However, almost 12 hours after the bank issued said statement, through social networks such as Twitter, users continue to report failures in the mobile application that prevents access to the platform.

This situation has caused the annoyance of thousands of users who have their BBVA accounts by not being able to freely access their resources.

Similarly, the president of the Public Broadcasting System of the Mexican State (SPR), Jenaro Villamino denounced that in his locality no ATM has service.

“No ATM in Colonia CuauhtĂ©moc of @bbva has cash service. Let the bank review its system. They earn a lot from managing the money of millions of citizens so that they do not have good service”the official wrote on social media.

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On the other hand, users fear that the transactions carried out during this day through other means will lead them to lose their money.

“I made a deposit today, it is the only time that I did not take a photo of the voucher and I found out that Bancomer fell. I am worried that the system will return and my money will not be there” wrote a user on social networks.

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