Baseball: The Primitivo Torres league warms up

The new directive of the Sunday League of Primitivo Torres Soto of third strength announces the start of the preparations for the start of the 2021-2021 campaign scheduled for the month of October.

The directors announce that preparations are focused on achieving good results in this edition, so it will be next week when the first working meeting will be held where the program of activities for the official start of hostilities will be announced.

Pablo Rosas, in his role as the new head of this successful Sunday baseball circuit, reports that the first session prior to the start of the campaign will take place tomorrow at seven in the afternoon in the hotel’s boardroom. The Golden.

In this session, the registration cards will be delivered to the teams interested in participating, as well as the costs to be covered will be announced.

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It is reported that the plans are to start the activity the second week of October, so it is important that each and every one of the team representatives attend the work session.

The invitation to participate is for all the teams in the region and especially those that have already participated in this league, such as the Coca Cola, Los Muñecos, Deportivo Roberto Ruíz, Ejido México, Ohuira, Colonia Jiquilpan squads, Mets, Ejido 5 de Mayo, Bimbo, Campo 35, Ejido Taxtes, Deportivo Pérez, Helados Martita, Correos, Los Torres and the current champions of La Casa del Pollo.

The new board of this circuit is made up of Pablo Rosas as president, Ulís Cénega as secretary and Efrén García as High Commissioner.

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