Baseball: Cañeros had his first inter-squad game

Cañeros de Los Mochis are still sweating the fat drop and on Monday they had their first inter-squad game, which allowed the coaching staff to evaluate the results after almost two weeks of practice.

Pitching coach Jesús Manso told us a bit about the work that has been done.

“I think we have been working well, we have adapted and we have fulfilled everything we had in mind, we have made 3 bullpenis and today we had the first intersquad game, trying to place the pitchers with alternate work days and it has been working for us” .

Under intense heat the Cañeros held a 4-round game that ended tied at 2 runs, which helped the boys to integrate better.

“The weather has been difficult, but we train well, we work the defense, the bullpenis, a dynamic thing that makes people not bored in the field and do not suffer in the heat.”

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Regarding the work of his pitchers in today’s game, the Cuban commented that he was satisfied and took note of both the progress and the corrections they will have to make.

“They looked pretty good, with some of us we have been working for about 18 days and they looked strong and as we get closer to the season we will reach optimal sports form.”

Manso added that the greens are ready to face other teams and even mentioned the starter for the first game.

“We already have Niebla ready, he will start by opening, giving him the opportunity to win his position so that this year he will be one of the starters.”

Luis Niebla was one of Cañeros’ stellar starters in the 2016-2017 season but an injury took him away from the diamonds and he has undergone a long recovery process.

“We have been working with him for two years, it has been a very difficult process, I see him very well, he has had patience and incredible work, I believe that he is ready to return and if he succeeds, all the credit goes to him.”

The Cañeros will return to training on Tuesday at 8:30 in the morning at the stadium and at the end of the general work they will have another inter-squad game.

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