Bárbara de Regil proudly shows off the stretch marks on her butt

Barbara de Regil The 34-year-old has become a very transparent woman in all aspects, because now she has shown that not everything is perfection, although in the past she showed the stretch marks on her chest, today she teaches something else.

It turns out that the Mexican actress She took some photos in a black bikini and shared more stretch marks with her fans, but these are on her buttocks.

I tell you something ? Before I would have never raised my stretch marks like this … but you know what? THIS IS ME, I ACCEPT ME AND YOU CLICK ME LOVE How beautiful I am since I accept and love that I have stretch marks on my buttocks

Apparently in the past she would not have dared to show them in public, but now she feels much happier and fuller to share them without filters on networks.

Bárbara de Regil happy with her stretch marks / Instagram

In the photo we can see Rosario Tijeras with the black bikini and only showing closely how this imperfection looks, which for her is something normal, becoming a more authentic woman.

And it is that for years many have seen Bárbara de Regil as a perfect woman who does not need anything to look good, but she showed that everything has cost her, and she advanced little by little.

It is worth mentioning that despite being in the eye of the hurricane on several occasions, the famous woman learned to get out of these and how the Phoenix bird managed to do it in a very strong way.

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