Back to school in Guasave helped increase stationery sales by 50%

Guasave, Sinaloa.- Despite the fact that most of the schools continue in virtual mode, the back to class increased the sales in areas such as stationery, uniforms and footwear, however, mobility has no comparison to previous years, said the president of Canaco Guasave.

Although they want a financial break, they do not see in this month the possibilities of realizing it.

Leonor Espinosa, president of the National Chamber of Commerce in Guasave, reported that the return to classes did increase sales in certain business lines unlike in 2020, however, if compared to previous years, the rebound is nothing.

“Speaking in percentages, our stationery partners tell us that the increase was between 40 and 50 percent; As for the other lines, such as the sale of uniforms and footwear it was not really much, it can be said that it was 30 and 15 percent respectively, compared to 2020, but if we compare it to past years, obviously it is not significant.”

Regarding the expectations for this month, the president of Canaco indicated that although they hope that a respite can be given, they do not consider that the reactivation of some turns due to the issue of the pandemic.

“We are always waiting for this to improve, unfortunately as things are right now, there has not been much mobility for sales of other spins to be generated as used to happen in the month of September with events, because with this the entire economy since clothing, footwear, accessories, services, music, flowers, tablecloths and everything else are bought, unfortunately there is no such opening. ”

The also merchant indicated that as a chamber they are looking for strategies to improve sales and they already have some upcoming campaigns, in addition to the Auction Carnival, an event they are betting on to be able to recover a little after these months that have not been good in sales.

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“We are already organizing the traditional Auction Carnival for the month of October, we are very advanced and we also bring a campaign to promote local consumption and also another campaign that we are going to launch soon in which there will be an incentive for those who show their vaccination certificate against the Covid; it is a way to increase sales, but also to promote vaccination ”.


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