Authorities of the Government of Escuinapa meet to assess the budget to be exercised in 2023

Escuinapa, Sinaloa.- Seeking to pay attention to the serious problems that have been generated by lost awards and labor and civil lawsuits that the Commune still faces, municipal authorities of Escuinapa analyze the possibility of proposing and applying a modification to the budget to be exercised in 2023 and around 30 million pesos is allocated to address these legal problems.

Luis Alfonso Torres Medina, secretary of the City Council, explained that a thorough analysis of the legal situation faced by the municipality and see the real panorama that we have in terms of labor and civil lawsuitswhich have generated the affectation of municipal finances, for which it is urgent to make a modification to the budget.

“Right now we are meeting with the body of councilors, the trustee attorney, treasurer and senior official to address the rulings and awards that the City Council faces, we have a deficit, a contingency to anticipate that is around 30 million pesos for a matter of 15 workers (who have won labor lawsuits) of which we have to fully comply and abide by the award and that represents approximately 14 million pesos, “he explained.

Torres Medina added that there are other labor issues that are on the way and the idea is to meet to attack deep down and root; that it is not an improvement as it has been administration after administration, they are issues and responsibilities of the municipality and they are seeing it as such, they are not blaming any administration, all they want is to resume and address this problem.

This will allow them to attend to this contingency and make the corresponding budget for fiscal year 2023 to be able to finalize it, and it is contemplated that with 30 million pesos they can provide attention and a solution to this serious problem that has been dragging on.

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The other 14 million pesos that is contemplated in the budget is to anticipate, there is not an award in favor yet, but it is expected that in the coming months the municipality will continue to be notified of more awards.

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