Authorities of Angostura respond to the requests of the inhabitants of Chinitos

Angostura, Sinaloa.- In a personal way, the mayor, Miguel Ángel Angulo Acosta, accompanied by Javier Sánchez Espinoza (City Council Secretary), Jesús Miguel Angulo López (director of Public Works) and councilor Fernanda Gómez, attended the Sindicatura de Chinitos to hold a meeting with the inhabitants and give due attention to the requests made.

During the meeting, the group of residents explained the needs that prevail in the community, as well as the great importance that the execution of a detonating work, such as the proposal that is on the table to pave a street circuit.

In addition, they made known various situations suffered by the families that live in the Arboledas neighborhood, better known as Las Casitas, and the support of public services that they require to improve their living conditions.

After listening to some claims of things that past administrations did not do, the current requests and even some proposals for actions that would improve the community, the municipal president, Miguel Ángel Angulo Acosta, explained that without a doubt in all the places of the municipality there are infinity of needs, which will be resolved little by little but those with the highest priority.

In the specific case of Chinitos, the Angosturan president confirmed that different actions are being applied such as the improvement of drainage, drinking water, network expansions, changes in public lighting, where old luminaires were replaced by LED lamps that give much better light, among other things.

“Here in Chinitos we already know the issue of the street paving circuit that they propose to us, they emphasize that a lot, so it means that it is a necessity, but the municipality as such does not have the resources to carry out works of that magnitude, so to To achieve them, we have to make strong efforts before the State and Federal Governments.

We are already doing them, but he stressed that the response that the Governor, Professor Rubén Rocha Moya, has given us is that the first year of administration we are going to dedicate ourselves to solving slightly minor things and from the second year onwards the good pavements, which by the way Angostura is very poor in this area”, expresses the mayor.

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Angulo Acosta ponders that an in-depth analysis is being made of the main needs that all the communities of the municipality have and that’s where they start working: “I am committed, first of all, that something has to be left for each community, because some are so late that we need to do them more justice and give them two or three things for the benefit, others are in better conditions and will also be taken into account, for no reason will we leave them abandoned, since the idea is to attend, as far as possible, to all world and that is what we have been doing, since we have eight months of administration and we have already carried out important works in many communities and some of them are of collective benefit”, affirms the municipal president, Miguel Ángel Angulo Acosta.

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