Authorities commemorate the anniversary of independence in Angostura

Sinaloa.- This morning authorities of the municipality of Angostura with an emotional civic act commemorated the 211 anniversary from Mexico’s independence, event that was headed by the municipal president Aglaeé Montoya Martínez.

In the act, honors were paid to the flag, where the importance of this date that marked as well as gave freedom to our country and that year after year is still remembered and commemorated was highlighted.

After this, Martha Patricia Payán, released the review where she expressed that the independence of Mexico has various importance but without a doubt one that will be remembered for a long time.

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The first mayor, Montoya Martínez, in her message stated that it was a special day by framing and emphasizing the pride of being Mexican. He stressed that even in Angostura different battles are still being lived and of which they are being fought every day.

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