Authorities celebrate the cry of independence in San Ignacio, Sinaloa

Sinaloa.- Hundreds of people gathered on the esplanade of the palace to hear the last Cry of Independence of Mexico of the present municipal administration.

Accompanied by hundreds of people, who gathered on the esplanade of the municipal palace, the mayor of San Ignacio, Iván Ernesto Báez Martínez, gave the last cry of independence from his administration.

The solemn municipal act took place from the presidential balcony, where the mayor was accompanied by the lieutenant colonel of infantry commander of the 110 infantry battalion, Alejandro Bravo Martínez, as well as the elected municipal president Octavio Bastidas Manjarrez, the president of the municipal DIF Elizabeth Covarrubias de Báez, the secretary of the commune César Rangel Cervantes, and councilmen who make up the Cabildo.

The army escort handed over the national flag to the mayor, to later go to the main balcony, to sing the notes of the National Anthem in the company of those present.

After Rangel Cervantes read the Act of Independence, the municipality carried out the formal act of the Cry for Independence, throwing cheers at the heroes of Independence.

After the proclamation, the sky was illuminated with hundreds of artificial lights.

At the end, the traditional dance was carried out, which was enlivened by the bands Punto Medio and La Ventaja, who made the audience dance despite the rain that occurred tonight.

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Báez Martínez, addressed a few words to his entire cabinet where he thanked all the good work done so far this administration.

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