Assaults and robberies in Villa Bonita

Those who make the call to the Secretary of Public Security of Culiacán, Mauricio García Rodríguez, are the residents of the Villa Bonita subdivision, as they assured that for several months they have been experiencing moments of terror in the face of constant assaults and robberies by the vandalism groups that lurk the streets of the sector. Those affected mentioned that they are already tired of the situation, so they ask for more vigilance and constant rounds in the area. All those affected should make a complaint to “fon” (667) 760-1427.

> Rain dance
They are looking for a breed that knows how to do the rain dance so that it is effective and when performing it there may be greater rainfall and thus water falls on the Eustaquio Buelna dam, in the city of Guamúchil, so that the producers can define the planting plan , since, although its level has increased by 8 percent, it is still not the volume that will define the plan in the Irrigation Module 74-2. If you know of someone who knows how to dance, dial the mere grouper of the agricultural organization, Dagoberto Llanes, at 673-732-4470.

> Environmentalist wanted
The residents of the Las Huertas subdivision are urged by someone with knowledge in environmental matters, because apparently in the municipality they do not care about the health or safety of the inhabitants. For so many vacant lots they have, they have already been turned into clandestine garbage dumps, where they throw all their waste, but also dead animals and it is a plague that cannot be tolerated at any time of the day. Whoever wants to give them a little hand with their knowledge, do so as soon as possible, so that it illustrates the municipal officials and they take it into account. And since you are here, make a call to the mere Public Services, Iván Gálvez Meza, at 668-164-009, to inform him of this desperate situation.

> Don’t have a job?
The Directorate of Municipal Transit in Guasave is looking for a race that wants to work the remainder of the Administration so that it ventures to bring the motor scooters well guarded to ensure that the accident statistics do have a decrease for when the Government ends, because no matter how much they make operations, the race still does not catch the wave. If you are interested in the jale, contact Rigoberto Camacho, chaca of the corporation, at 687-872-1818 so that you can be hired immediately and explained what you will do.

> Pill for memory
The race in Mazatlán is in search of a pill for memory, but the good ones, that whoever takes it does not forget any detail of their life, especially in the workplace, as it must be administered to the Public Services chaca in the puddle, because lately it has been forgotten which neighborhoods the garbage collection trucks have to go through, especially in recent days, where more and more neighborhoods are added with the complaint that the waste gives an unpleasant view to their houses for days before be collected by trucks. Whoever knows where to get the drug, please call 669-982-4433, with the head of Public Services, Miguel Luis Morales Lizárraga.

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