Armando Silvestre, a successful life in Mexican Cinema about to reach 100 years of age

Mexico. Armando Silvestre is a Mexican actor originally from Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, (1926), who was able to consecrate himself as such by participating from his youth in dozens of movies.

Mr. Silvestre worked from Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, from the beginning of the 40s and quickly gained popularity from that decade until the 70s in which he worked without interruption.

Currently he is 95 years old, According to information in his biography, he lives in the United States with his wife and representative Blanca Esthela Limón and remains away from show business.

His most recent work as an actor occurred during 2016 in the telenovela Wake up with you, production of Pedro Damián and in which he acted with Ela Velden, Daniel Arenas and Aura Cristina Geithner, among others.

Don Armando Silvestre with the late actress Christian Bach. Twitter photo

In his teens he worked selling perfumes, he tried to be a bullfighter and a racing car driver, but an aunt of hers who was a writer suggested that he try his hand at acting and listened to him.

He first appeared in small film appearances and his first leading role was obtained in Lola Casanova, in 1947, when he was 21 years old, together with Meche Barba and Isabela Corona.

And on the big screen he was able to work with other great figures of Mexican Cinema, including Gloria Marín, Jorge Negrete, Pedro Infante, Carlos López Moctezuma, Elsa Aguirre and Silvia Pinal.

Take me in your arms, Story of a mink coat, La Tierra del Fuego is extinguished and The stone maiden are some of the films in which the actor showed his gallantry and talent.

Between the 60s and 70s he took part in several Mexican action productions, since the producers saw in him the ideal figure to make this type of film and his success was total in films like Neutron the Masked Man, Santo against the Zombies and The Fighters against the Killer Doctor.

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Armando Silvestre’s name is written in large letters in the Mexican entertainment world, since with his work, talent and dedication to the stage He knew how to earn it.

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