Armando Espitia, one step away from the Ariel Award

In the film industry, those who are recognized today at some point had to make an effort or perhaps sacrifice too much to be taken into account in a movie, short film or other important projects, where they have the opportunity to share credits with other celebrities already positioned, such as is the case of Armando Espitia.

The beginning of his career was not easy at all, since he had to break with stereotypes, and thus in that way earn a place, a situation that today has him one step away from obtaining one of the most important awards, such as the Ariel award.

Armando with actress Michelle González

About the movie

The young actor commented in an interview with this publishing house that he has always tried to bring real characters to life, credible, with whom people can identify, that are not characters with characteristics of the typical man with a perfect body. And the film for which he is nominated for that important award where he gives life to Iván, a man who leaves the love of his life and his family behind to pursue his dreams in New York City.

We have had an emotional response. An epic, exciting story, where you have to cross countries, fight to get a job and for the love of your life, you get excited as an actor ”, Espitia highlighted.

On the 63rd edition of the Ariel Awards, which will be held on September 25, where Armando Espitia is nominated for best actor for I take you with me, alongside Alfonso Herrera, for El baile de los 41; Demián Bichir for Danyka; Fernando Cuautle, New order; Juan Pablo Medina, The idealists club, and Lázaro Gabino Rodríguez for Fauna.

Future projects

Armando was happy to be going through one of the most important moments of his career, since a film premiered at the Morelia International Festival which is called 90 days to July 2, where he is the lead, plus he is also the executive producer. He added that this year the filming, Our mothers, which won the Golden Camera at the Cannes Film Festival, in France in 2019, and will now premiere in Mexico, in the month of October, will be released commercially.

He also revealed that he recorded a tape called, “La novia de América”, a series with an Argentine director, and another film that is about to start shooting.

The actor characterized as Iván in I take you with me

About his professional career

The 29-year-old actor, from the Iztapalapa Mayor’s Office, Mexico City, confesses that From a young age he always knew that his dream was to become a great actor despite the deterministic vision related to the social and economic situation that prevails in this area of ​​the city.

Where I grew up there is no way to think that it is possible that you could become a movie actor who goes to the best festivals in the world. There is no way. There is no way, said the young actor.

Espitia is currently a great actor recognized by the Cannes Film Festival as the Best Newcomer Actor of the Year for his leading role. in the movie ‘Heli’ (2013).


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