Animalists show the suffering of animals with “performance” in Mexico City

Mexico.- Half-naked and with a “performance” that consisted of a montage of alleged corpses in the historic center of Mexico City, activists from the organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) protested this Saturday against the animal cruelty.

“That your plate is not a crime scene” could be read on a banner that starred in the protest.

With the appearance of a crime scene, the activists from PETA Latino and Animal Heroes lay on the ground pretending to be dead inside silhouettes drawn with chalk and in the shape of sheep, pigs, fish and cows.

During the “performance” dozens of people approached the place to find out the reason for the protest.

The members of the protest showed “how animals suffer and die in the meat industry” and offered data on the death of different species.

The activists pretended to be dead on figures of animals that are usually killed for human consumption. Photo: EFE

“Millions of pigs were killed in mega industrial farms in 2021 and the fish are killed by suffocation or by cutting their gills while they are still conscious”, they explained during the “performance”.

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Furthermore, they explained that animals are individuals who “feel pain and fear”just like humans.

“And yet, they are separated from their families, crammed into inhospitable sheds, and mutilated without painkillers,” said Alicia Aguayo, associate director of communications for PETA Latino in a statement.

PETA Latino called on society to keep “crime scenes” off their plates by choose delicious foods without animals.

The organization, whose motto reads in part that “animals are not ours to eat,” opposes speciesism, a supremacist worldview.

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