Angostura, Sinaloa, gives the Cry of Independence in a virtual way

Sinaloa.- With the colors of our flag, fireworks and singing the national anthem in a significant virtual event the municipality of Angostura commemorated the traditional Cry of the Independence of Mexico, celebrated differently but with the same meaning.

The event took place on the esplanade of the municipal presidency that was decorated by the first mayor Aglaeé Montoya Martínez, the honorable body of councilors and different officials as well as special guests where sanitary measures were taken to continue under a pandemic.

Today 211 years of freedom are celebrated, granted by the priest Miguel Hidalgo who on September 16, 1810 called on all Mexicans to take up arms and liberate our country from slavery.

As part of the protocol that marks this event to the celebration of the 211 historical anniversary, the secretary of the H. City Council Saúl Alfredo González Contreras, a few minutes after 10:00 p.m., was pleased to read the constitutive act of what happened that 16 of September 1810.

After that, the municipal president gave the famous cry with a firm and emotional voice where she gave a clear recognition to all the people who fight every day fighting the covid-19 pandemic and above all a cry for all those Angosturans who despite adversity they have not been defeated.

At the end of the ceremony, President Aglaeé Montoya Martínez, made a kind invitation to all citizens to join the activity that will be taking place today “A shout to health” where she hopes to be a successful event in order to help the families that are experiencing this disease and require an oxygen tank.

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Montoya Martínez, to finish, expressed a fundamental phrase to remember this day. “Long live Mexico, long live Angostura.”


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