And without inaugurating! Millionaire sea ravages “Inclusive beach” in Sonora

Sonora.- A strong tidal wave swept through the “Inclusive Beach” from Saint Charles in Guaymas, Sonora. The project, which was harshly criticized at the time, had a cost of 8 million 400 thousand pesos.

It was expected that the “Inclusive Beach” project, which was presented by Mayor Sara Valle last July, should be finished by August 25 This year, however, without being inaugurated yet, on the afternoon of Friday, September 10, it was destroyed by the forces of nature.

According to the project, the space was envisaged to have 20 water lounge chairs, 20 amphibious walkers, 15 wheelchairs for adults, 5 amphibious crutches, 15 wheelchairs for children, as well as 10 individual palapas and two family palapas.

In addition to this, it contemplated putting two access ramps for people in wheelchairs, which would connect with a main walker.

Since the project was presented, the municipal president of Guaymas, the petista Sara Valle, was harshly criticized and alerted for promoting a project in a risk zone.

Even the claims came from his own political party. The local deputy coordinator of the PT’s parliamentary group in the Sonora Congress, Sebastián Orduño, assured, on his social networks, that he had always disagreed with the location of the “Inclusive Beach.”

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We pointed out that this place was not the right one to carry out this noble project of the inclusive beach in Guaymas, they did not listen to us, those of the current city council of the entire town of Guaymas mocked, “he said.

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