And the Banco del Bienestar? They criticize Jenaro Villamil for complaining about failures in BBVA ATM

Mexico.- The president of the Public Broadcasting System of the Mexican State (SPR), Jenaro Villamil, he was harshly criticized on social media after complaining of failures in an ATM BBVA, so they suggested that he switch to Wellbeing Bank.

Through his official Twitter account, Jenaro Villamil published a complaint against BBVA Mexico this Sunday because one of its ATMs did not have cash.

The collaborator of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) demanded that the bank review its system, to which he reproached his bad service.

“No ATM in Colonia Cuauhtémoc of @bbva has cash service. Let the bank review its system. They earn a lot from managing the money of millions of citizens so that they do not have good service,” the official wrote.

Jenaro Villamil’s complaint against BBVA provoked thousands of reactions in Twitter, where users reminded the president of the SPR that the services of the AMLO government’s Banco del Bienestar are even worse.

With a sarcastic tone, many suggested to AMLO’s collaborator that he change to the Banco del Bienestar, otherwise he would be betraying the president using “neoliberal and corrupt banks.”

Image: Twitter screenshot

“This would not be happening to you if instead of using the services of Bancomer, you used the services of the Banco del Bienestar”, “Switch to the Banco del Bienestar, surely they give you better service and have cash in their ATMs”, were some of the comments against Villamil.

On the other hand, there were those who reproached him for using his space as a public official to complain about a private company.

“Has he bit his tongue one more time? Why does he have his money there instead of the ‘welfare’ bank? Even more important, why is he abusing his position in government to complain about a private company?” a user questioned.

This same Sunday, thousands of users have reported in social networks failures in the services and application of BBVA Mexico, after complaining about not having access even to ATMs and payment in terminals, so the criticism of Jenaro Villamil has not been the only one.

The Spanish bank issued a statement in which it recognized “intermittences” in its services, ensuring that it is already working on solving the problem.

“We are presenting intermittences in our services, we are working to solve it as soon as possible and carry out the operations that our users require,” reported BBVA Mexico.

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Due to the large number of publications on the subject, the Banco del Bienestar became a trend on Twitter this September 12.

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