And let the earth tremble at its centers

“A child never draws what he sees, he draws his interpretation of it. Draw what you know about him. What we see changes what we know ”.
Jean Piaget

We live by the death kills between pandemics, floods and earthquakes. On September 7, 2021, it trembled again. The date reminds us adults of the Mecano song, but also the earthquake four years ago that occurred on the same day. That one was described as one of the strongest in the last hundred years.

Last night, the Mexican creativity turned into social networks did not wait, the three minutes that the jiggling lasted were enough for a brilliant being to find a way to break the curse: “Hey, and if we remove the stanza that says from the National Anthem, and let the earth tremble in its centers, I say that the fart is there ”. What those creative minds of popular culture will be like, I imagine them in the middle of the disaster with jumping neurons and finding the formula to reduce damage control. But still no one is unscathed, some of us are affected only at the juncture of the event, the power goes out, we suffer from a nervous breakdown or we lose part of our income temporarily. But for others, their lives change because their house collapsed or they have to attend primary school because of Zoom. Yes, there are consequences that are in the future … Children will not only witness the appearance of new paradigms in the family and educational field, but they will have suffered. They will have to articulate their life experience in a different way than we do. Jean Piaget helps to foresee how they will be affected because he focused his studies on childhood on the way we acquire knowledge, that is, on cognitive processes. He points out that we all have schemes that allow us to know, for example, the shape of a new object, if we see a camel we will think of a horse with a hump. Thus we are generating new schemes and we go through the stages of development. This process takes place as we grow and our brain and other neural functions acquire maturity. However, the family, socioeconomic, and cultural environment can positively or negatively affect the speed at which an individual climbs these stages. How will the environment of the pandemic and natural disasters that threaten us every day affect the children of today?

The Irish writer Guðbergur Bergsson published in 1997 the novel The Magic of Childhood, in a passage he tells us about a visit to his parents’ house when he is already an adult, I quote him: “That is why I had been able to stay away from the places of my life. childhood, but I decided to take the opportunity to visit this house almost every holiday and go fishing one story after another in the thundering waters of the storms ”I continue with the questions: What stories will the adults of the future fish, how will they interpret them, Will exercise help?

When they are adults and know the answers, they will have to order their memories, give an intensity and color to each one of them, it will be a search that will allow them to understand each other as a generation.

Let’s hope that tonight the only movement is in the brains, let’s emulate the makers of memes and the way that adults of the future launch their networks and not only catch screens, virtual classmates and natural catastrophes will appear. Let’s improve the environment that Piaget talks about so that they remember beautiful stories of what will be their past and live with the self-confidence necessary to laugh at him and his future present.

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