Among puddles and floods live the residents of the Pino Suárez invasion in Mazatlán

Sinaloa.- Between deficiencies live the inhabitants of the invasion Pino Suárez, In Mazatlan. Claudio Escobar commented that the canal it’s found overgrown, this caused the water will be stagnant after the passage of the rains brought by Hurricane Nora. The water from the gutter overflowed, went into the houses and their belongings got wet.

Although the mattresses got wet, the families had no choice but to wash and dry them.

“According to the government is giving away mattresses, but no one has stopped here. We occupy the support, we are people with limited resources, most of us have children, ”said Claudio Escobar.

The neighbor mentioned that the machines come to the place from time to time, but they only dig and make the deepest puddles. The inhabitants placed a board that they use as a bridge to cross the canal. Some walk through it in fear of losing their balance and falling.

Another conflict reported by families is the plague of mosquitoes. They fear a dengue outbreak and for the health of their children.

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They urge the authorities to support them with sheets because the ones they have are already deteriorated. They even have to place large stones and blocks so that the air does not carry them away. They also request support with mattresses.

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