Among fishermen, the hope of a good season prevails in Mazatlán

Sinaloa.- Between reservations and hopes that’s how fishermen live Altamar in Mazatlán, a few days after the lifting of the ban to the shrimp catch.

Although last year they did not have a good season and 40 percent of the boats remained moored, the men of the sea, assure that they will leave with all their faith and trust in God so that this year, the activity is finally profitable.
The ban will be lifted on September 21.

Support missing

The sailors say that there is a lack of support from the federal government, especially for fuel. Ricardo Barrera said that for two years, the sector has been going through critical situations.

He estimated that this year many of his colleagues will be unemployed, they will look for other employment alternatives. The fishermen stressed that if their companies do well, they too, that is why they hope to return with a good product.

“Federal Government resources are needed”: Ricardo Barrera Marín, Captain of ships

“We have the confidence and the faith that this year will finally go well for us, but what is really needed are resources from the federal government, that they return the subsidy to marine diesel, because that is why many ships were moored and this year the same for the high cost of fuel.

There are people who will be out of work again, they will have to look for other sources of employment. If there is good fishing, we all win.

I have been here in Mazatlán for many years, I came in search of opportunities, we are from Salina Cruz, the situation is worse there. Hopefully we have good catches and that the Government has a little more sensitivity and supports this sector, we have been forgotten for more than two years.

The Government has to know that if fishing goes well, we will earn a lot, there are many families that depend on this. It is a welfare chain, for example when a ship leaves before it is supplied with errands, butchers, chicken shops, hardware stores.

I hope that fishing will be profitable again as in other years where there was a lot of movement ”.

“I am patient, I trust that the support will come”: José Vallestejos, fisherman

“I have more than 50 years as a fisherman, we have always had shortcomings. That is why I believe that we must be patient with the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, I do hope that the support will arrive. We have always complained, because every year there are needs.

In other years we did not receive that support (the fuel subsidy) from other governments, perhaps the other presidents would keep that money. Overnight the country is not going to be straightened out, we are not against the government, we have no choice but to endure.

We have faith that we are doing very well this year. Bienpesca’s support has already reached us, it took a long time to arrive but we already have it, the truth is that we trust that the situation will improve.

This year several boats will be moored, the situation is difficult. It is unfortunate that many colleagues are left without work, and more of us who are already old and do not know how to do anything other than go fishing, but we do not lose faith that all this will improve for the good of all ”.

“Hope is the last thing that dies”: Ernesto García, fisherman

“We hope the season is good, hope is the last thing to die and we do not lose faith. Although right now the samplings and that do not reveal us well, they say that there is little, but fishing is like that, it is a coin in the air, you never know well, some say that there is not, others say that there is a lot because all the shrimp from the estuary he went out to sea.

Apparently many boats are going to be moored, I estimate that 60 percent will leave. We already have years with the same complaints, the price of fuel is very expensive, worth more than 20 pesos.

This is one of the most important things, that is why the authorities must return the subsidy to diesel, or lower the price, each year it is more difficult to go fishing with certainty, first they have to ensure the expenses, then to us.

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But those are pure promises it sounds very trite because it is always the same, to be struggling. We are struggling because there are fishing tools like baskets that are scarce, if before they gave us 20, this year they gave us only 11 ”.

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