AMLO’s offer is an award to Quirino Ordaz: Analysts

Sinaloa.– The proposal from President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) to the Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel to be part of itto embassy of Mexico on Spain provoked multiple reactions both at the state level and on the national scene, analysts consider that it is a prize to the government of Sinaloa.

For this reason, Debate organized the political analysis table with opinion-makers Héctor Ponce and Roberto Soltero Acuña, who considered the president’s invitation as part of the electoral strategy towards 2024.

Form is background

Héctor Ponce considered the invitation to the Spanish embassy as an award and protection for the governor. “It is a recognition, from the moment of the announcement there is also a protection to allow Governor Quirino Ordaz in this month and a half that he has left to close quietly.”

The form was also important, he explained why it was carried out at a public event, thereby establishing the alliance between the two leaders. Something that happened in the opposite direction with the opposition PRI-PAN-PRD alliance in the last elections.

From another perspective, Roberto Soltero suggested that it is a tactic of AMLO towards the next presidential elections by trying to add opposition governors to the Fourth Transformation.

National strategy

“Part of a strategy established by López Obrador with a view to 2024, practically he is in his role of attracting governors to Q4.” In this vein, he recalled the subsequent invitation to Antonio Echevarría, the PAN president of Nayarit, as well as previous approaches with the PAN governor Javier Corral, from Chihuahua, despite the strong confrontations they have had. In a similar scenario is Enrique Alfaro, from Jalisco, a notable opponent, of whom Soltero assured, AMLO will try to bring him closer to Q4 as happened with the other governors.

Similarly, Ponce reiterated that it is a national strategy for the next federal elections, which seeks to dismantle the PRI-PAN-PRD alliance, which “did him a lot of damage, especially in the federal Chamber of Deputies, where he hit stronger by losing the majority ”through the recruitment of local leaderships of those parties, as happens with Quirino Ordaz and the Institutional Revolutionary Party in Sinaloa.

Hit Ebrard

The appointment hits Marcelo Ebrard, head of the Ministry of Foreign Relations, since “it does not leave him room for maneuver and he is telling Ebrard ‘you are not the only one in charge of the Foreign Ministry.’ It is appreciated that Claudia Sheinbaum is the one who gathers the president’s affections, ”said Roberto Soltero.

He is displaced from the presidential race, mainly due to the tragedy of Line 12 of the Mexico City subway. Despite having the backing of the United States Government, Sheinbaum is the one who has all the confidence of AMLO.
In the same sense, Ponce considered these political movements as a declaration:

“It is a very clear message for Marcelo Ebrard, I see it almost out of the mind of the president, I think Claudia Sheinbaum is already alone.” He did not even rule out the possibility of seeing Quirino Ordaz Coppel as the next foreign secretary, in case of carrying out a remarkable job as ambassador.

The fate of the PRI

Roberto Soltero assured that the Institutional Revolutionary already acts as an ally of Morena, this was seen in the approval of the Organic Law of the Mexican Navy on September 9, where legislators of the tricolor voted in the same sense as the ruling party, for Therefore, “with the votes of the PRI, Morena can have a free hand to modify various laws that it may have in its program.”

Likewise, he reflected on the permanence of the tricolor party in the entity, “we are going to see a PRI in the orphanhood, perhaps it can cope with the contributions that the State Electoral Institute gives it, but it will not be enough, there is too much machinery and payroll that the PRI has in Sinaloa ”.

Added to this, with the absence of Quirino Ordaz, Soltero did not rule out a possible alliance with the incoming Morena government. “Given this change in the attitude of the federal government, one might think that Rocha Moya could also call prominent PRI members to join his cabinet, to make a hodgepodge between Morena and the PRI.”

“Purge in the PRI”

Héctor Ponce spoke of a duality within the Institutional Revolutionary, on the one hand the National Executive Committee (CEN) and the State Steering Committee of Sinaloa, where the first exerts an opposition at the federal level, and the second reduced by the results of the past 6 of June will be reorganized in accordance with the guidelines issued from Mexico City.
“I don’t see someone from the state PRI leading, the line will come from CEN.” While the restructuring mentioned by Ponce as “Purge in the PRI” is taking place, there is the migration of local leaders to other parties.

“The priismo of Mazatlán is going to the PAS (Sinaloense Party). Here in the capital, some are beginning to go to the Citizen Movement and others to the Green Party ”, he pointed out.

Governor protection

Both analysts agreed on the meaning of the nomination, they saw it as a manifestation of protection from the presidency. Héctor Ponce highlighted the unprecedented departure of a governor’s office.

“It still hasn’t come out and it’s already super-protected. It is a direct message to the next bench that the governor is untouchable. They took the speech away from you and are giving you the message that you are protected. Special message for public accounts. He is no longer just an ally, now he is a companion of the 4T ”, he said.

In perspective, Soltero spoke about the significance of the controversial appointment to the embassy. “The president’s action protects Quirino from the outset and leaves Congress disarmed to search through the Superior State Audit to go around snooping in public accounts.” He anticipated that this will cause discomfort in outgoing Morena deputies, who despite their convictions are part of the ruling party.

Finally, he recalled the political significance of the appointment as ambassador to Spain for Quirino Ordaz. “This opens the doors for a PRI-Morena alliance at the national level” with the purpose of legislating and strengthening the AMLO project at the national level, he concluded.

To understand …

AMLO proposes Quirino Ordaz Coppel as Mexican ambassador to Spain

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) proposed to the governor of Sinaloa, Quirino Ordaz Coppel, as the new Mexican ambassador to Spain, a request that will be presented to the Government of Spain for evaluation. The Ministry of Foreign Relations (SRE) reported through a statement that once the proposal is sent to Spain, it will also be presented to the Senate of the Republic for analysis and ruling in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and applicable laws. . The announcement comes after AMLO announced that he would join his cabinet with the governor of Sinaloa, Quirino Ordaz, shortly after completing his administration and being replaced by the morenista, Rubén Rocha Moya.

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The Data

The PRI in the next local legislature

The tricolor will have 8 representatives in Congress, 1 by relative majority and 7 in proportional representation.

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