AMLO will receive legislators who voted in favor of his initiatives at the National Palace

Mexico City.- Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador President of Mexico, informed that he will receive the legislators of the Chamber of Deputies who voted in favor of his initiatives: the electrical reform and the reform of the Mining Law.

It will be this April 28, when AMLO receives the deputies at the National Palace, mostly from the National Regeneration Movement (Morena), to thank them for their support of initiatives where only the amendment to the Mining Law managed to be approved in the lower house.

“Tomorrow I am going to receive the legislators, especially those who supported our initiative, with everything, with the Chamber of Deputies, they are going to come because the truth is that they behaved very well, in defense of our country, especially for what that was achieved from the nationalization of lithium, was very important and since it was our initiative, I want to thank you and I invited you”, revealed the federal president.

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Without specifying the issues that he will discuss with the legislators, Andrés Manuel indicated that they will be received at 10:00 am in the historic building, once his morning conference held in the same venue has concluded.

“They will be here at 10:00 in the morning, they will be here, the deputies, deputies,” he mentioned.
On April 17, the electricity sector reform failed after not obtaining the votes of two thirds of the Chamber of Deputies that it required and after the rejection it will no longer be discussed.

The president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He accused the opposition deputies of “treason” and “sell-outs” for preventing Congress from approving his electricity reform, which strengthened the state company to the detriment of private companies.

The reform sought to limit private participation in electricity generation to 46%, review previous contracts and hinder private investment in renewables to favor the state company Federal electricity commission (CFE), accused of having some polluting and obsolete plants.

As the president admitted, the initiative also sought to reverse aspects of the 2013 energy reform that opened up the sector to private investment.

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The reform contemplated the nationalization of lithium, however, contrary to the initiative, the Executive immediately sent the reform to the Mining Law, which achieved a majority in plenary, being relieved to the Chamber of Senators.

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