AMLO: the false independence ..!

What Independence does the Mexican president celebrate today, when his special guest is the Cuban dictator Miguel Díaz-Canel?

What independence is López Obrador talking about when the Cuban president did not take office thanks to a democratic election?

Isn’t it unworthy to celebrate the independence of Mexico at the same table as a tyrant who represses his people and who violates the human rights of 10 million Cubans?

What kind of independence does Mexico celebrate when the Obrador’s special guest – the Cuban dictator satrap – orders every day to repress the island’s inhabitants and when there are no basic freedoms in Cuba?

What independence does the Mexican president proclaim, when his Government and the Government of his guest limit one of the freedoms that guarantee all independence, such as freedom of expression?

What is López Obrador’s concept of independence, when his failed administration is unable to buy enough and necessary vaccines to immunize the entire Mexican population against the pandemic?

How dare the satrap Obrador to speak of independence when every day more Mexicans flee the country in search of the “American dream”; When the president himself boasts of the exponential increase in remittances from those Mexicans?

Is that independence?

Is it possible to speak of independence when the country has been indebted as never before, in the Obrador government; when capital flight puts development at risk and when Mexico rapidly loses its qualification as an ideal and suitable nation to invest?

Can we speak of independence when the Mexican economy registers negative growth in more than one consecutive year; when millions of companies die and when hundreds of thousands of workers lose their jobs?

Isn’t it a fallacy to celebrate independence when today the poor in Mexico are not only poorer, but millions of Mexicans regressed to the denigrating condition of extreme poor?

Is a country independent – like López’s Mexico – that allows the death of almost 300 thousand Mexicans due to the mismanagement of the pandemic; that due to inefficiency your health system collapsed?

What independence is the worst president in history talking about, especially when there are no basic medicines and equipment in the public health sector?

Can independence be celebrated when the entire country is the victim of the worst violence in history, with almost one hundred thousand lives lost at the hands of criminals who have dominated the entire national territory?

What independence is that where the country lives the worst femicide epidemic in history, with 11 women murdered every day; when girls and boys are part of the growing statistics of criminal violence?

Who can proclaim independence when almost 30 journalists have been assassinated in just 32 months of the Obrador government?

Of what independence does the satrap of Palacio speak, when his daily speech has produced more than 60 thousand lies in 32 months of government?

Is it a sign of independence that López repeats the discourse of Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro, such as the one that “you no longer belong”, that “love pays for love”, that “they are with the transformation or against the transformation” , which strongly defends the “revocation of mandate”, which proposes “to change GDP for the measurement of well-being”, and which assumes that any criticism from abroad is “an act of interventionism”.

The truth is that in the López Obrador government the celebration of independence is nothing more than a caricature that confirms him as a dictator.

At the time.

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