AMLO supports and protects Quirino Ordaz

As we anticipated on September 3 in the column entitled “AMLO, approval of the cabinet and the proposal to Quirino,” we pointed out that President López Obrador would offer a diplomatic post abroad to Governor Quirino Ordaz. Just a week later it was confirmed.

On that same occasion, we mentioned that the invitation to the cabinet was not ruled out, but it seemed more distant, everything painted for a diplomatic post, this because of trust and closeness. In addition, that this proposal could come on the tour that took place this weekend. So the forecasts did not fail.

The news arrived on Friday, in the middle of the speech of the event at the Sinaloa Pediatric Hospital, President López Obrador publicly invited Governor Quirino Ordaz to join his cabinet once his term ends in just over a month. It was a political tsunami that was felt throughout Sinaloa.

“The government represented by Governor Quirino Ordaz is going to help us. I am going to invite him to work with us. This, because he has done a good job in Sinaloa, he is a professional, he is a working man, he has experience and he is going to join, he is going to join our team to continue transforming our country, that is what I also wanted to inform you ” .

During his tour in Sinaloa, AMLO sent a powerful first message that defuses all possible criticisms of the 4T against the Government of Quirino Ordaz. The next Morenoist bench received acknowledgment of receipt and, incidentally, it applies to the transition team and federal officials, it will not only be treatment of friends, but of colleagues.

The closeness of López Obrador and Quirino Ordaz was more than confirmed in the last tour to the entity, there is great friendship and, for example, there are the 18 presidential visits he has made to Sinaloa. We could say that it is one of the favorite states of the national president.

Returning to the Pediatric event, the sole announcement by President López Obrador that he was inviting Governor Quirino Ordaz to join his cabinet was already a sign of support. I was tucking him in. A day later, on a tour of the Picachos dam, the proposal for the Spanish embassy arrived. That was the second message.

“I am with the current governor, Quirino Ordaz, who has done so well that he is invited. Today the Ministry of Foreign Relations announced that it is going to request the approval of the Government of Spain so that later the Senate of the Republic approves its appointment. We want him to be our ambassador, ”said AMLO.

The approval of Spain already has it in the Quirino Ordaz bag, because it has a long journey and closeness with the Government of that country, recently last May it was at the International Tourism Fair. Not only did he receive the Excellencies award, he also represented the Mexican delegation together with Miguel Torruco.

Regarding the appointment, Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel affirmed that President López Obrador’s invitation to be the next Mexican ambassador to Spain is a recognition of Sinaloans.

The invitation has a procedure, it must be approved by the Senate so that AMLO’s proposal is ratified so that Quirino Ordaz is the new ambassador in Spain, a first-level distinction, in politics a friend of the president is taken as protection. So, very attentive because it is not exile, on the contrary, it is an exit with honors.

Political memory. “We are the memory that we have and the responsibility that we assume. Without memory we do not exist and without responsibility we may not deserve to exist ”: José Saramago.

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