AMLO still cannot explain: Loret de Mola exhibits José Ramón López in a luxury hotel in Acapulco

Mexico.- The journalist Carlos Loret de Mola exhibited AMLO’s son, José Ramón López Obrador, on vacation at a luxury hotel in Acapulcofor which he questioned the president again for not being able to explain the origin of his son’s wealth.

Through her official Twitter account, Loret de Mola shared images of Jose Ramon Lopez Beltran with his wife and children in a luxury hotel in Acapulco, which generated a scandal on social networks because it was a venue with a cost greater than 6 thousand pesos per night.

In this regard, the Latinus journalist criticized Andrés Manuel López Obrador for not being able to explain where his son’s money comes fromwho “lives like a millionaire without working,” according to Loret.

In addition, in his publication he used the hashtag #CasaGris, recalling the scandal over the mansion in Houston where José Ramón lived, which has earned AMLO’s government so much criticism.

“And the president López Obrador still cannot explain how his son lives as a millionaire without working. #CasaGris #JoseRamonLopezBeltran176,” Loret wrote about the son of the president of Mexico.

The photos shared by Loret de Mola were published by the journalist Beloved Avendanowho questioned López Obrador’s “Franciscan poverty” speech for his eldest son’s luxurious vacations.

This is how Franciscan poverty is lived in the Banyan Tree Acapulco. From 6,000 varos a night, plus the tragazón, which should not be little, “commented Avendaño when filtering the images on Twitter.

AMLO’s son was caught vacationing in a luxury hotel in Acapulco with his family. Photo: Twitter

The hotel where José Ramón López and his family stayed apparently has the name of Banyan Tree Cabo Marqués, and according to Google its rates are around 6,280 pesos per night, although it is unknown how many nights they stayed.

The “grey house”, the great scandal of José Ramón

It should be remembered that AMLO’s eldest son had already been involved in a great scandal that earned him strong criticism of the 4T: the so-called “gray house” in Houston, where he lived surrounded by luxuries.

The mansion was exhibited by Latinus and Mexicans Against Corruption and Impunity (MCCI), and was inhabited in 2019 and 2020 by José Ramón and his wife, who rented it from Keith Schilling, who was an executive at Baker Hughes, a company with current contracts. with Pemex for more than 151 million dollars.

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The property had an area of ​​447 square meters of construction and had all the luxuries, such as fine stone and wood finishes, four bedrooms, four full bathrooms, three parking spaces, a double-height room, a bar, a games room, a cinema, a pool of 23 square meters and a large patio with field room and full kitchen.

“The life of luxury abroad that the son of the president of Mexico, José Ramón López Beltrán, leads, the mansions in Houston, the car he drives. Everything contrasts with the official discourse of his father, the official discourse of austerity,” Loret de Mola pointed out about AMLO’s son last January.

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