AMLO pays off a historic debt of the Foreign Service with Sinaloa

With the forthcoming appointment of Quirino Ordaz Coppel as Mexican ambassador to Spain, a place that won in its own right in the Mexican Foreign Service is returned to our land: the only Sinaloan who has been the country’s diplomatic representative to the Motherland was, ago 89 years old, Genaro Estrada Félix, also from Mazatlan, author of the Estrada Doctrine that, from 1930 to date, governs Mexican foreign policy, based on the principle of non-intervention.

Genaro Estrada arrived in Madrid on March 18, 1932 after rescuing Mexico from a long series of conflicts with other countries derived from the absence of a governing document, where the decision of whether a foreign government it was or was not legitimate.

The diplomatic vision of that “patasalada”, who left Mazatlán very young to study in Mexico City, led him to be Secretary of Foreign Relations from 1927 to 1932, during the turbulent period known as Maximato that included three presidents: Plutarco Elías Calles, Emilio Portes Gil and Pascual Ortiz Rubio.

After completing his mission by creating the Mexican Doctrine (as Estrada called the document that, in practice and in fair tribute, we know by his surname), the Sinaloan was appointed by President Abelardo Rodríguez as extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador in Spain and Portugal to the same time and, a year later, in Turkey.

No other man, no woman of our entity, has returned to represent the country in Spain, an emblematic nation for ours since it created, with the original civilizations, miscegenation; First it was New Spain and today it is our homeland: Mexico.

It is curious that, throughout the last century, and even after Genaro Estrada defined its course, few, very few, are the Sinaloans who have been part of the Mexican Foreign Service. We can count them on our fingers.

Two career diplomats who have held various positions in the SRE and are still active are Enrique Hubbard Urrea from Rosario, who was ambassador to Belize and the Philippines; and Sergio Ley López (from Tayoltita, but from Culiacan like his eight brothers), who was ambassador to Indonesia and China.

Another Mazatlan, the renowned jurist Diego Valadés Ríos, was ambassador to Guatemala, while the Guamuchilense politician and ideologist Heriberto Galindo Quiñones was

Ambassador in Cuba and Consul General in Chicago. Currently, Éryka Bernal, a young Mazatlan graduate from La Sorbonne, occupies the Honorary Consulate of France in Sinaloa.

The decision of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in favor of Governor Quirino Ordaz is, therefore, beyond political issues, an act of justice for Sinaloa, in this long pending task of recovering our good name before the world.

The appointment, already officially announced by the SRE, will take place after October 31, when the Quirinist governorship ends, for approval by the Senate of the Republic.

From there follows a delivery-reception process with the current ambassador, Carmen Oñate, whose management has been involved in a series of scandals that affect the image of Mexico abroad.

Aware of Quirino Ordaz’s crisis management skills, AMLO made a good choice; To this political pulse is added an ease to connect with people, from the dispossessed sectors to the highest decision-making levels, and a sample has been given precisely at the International Tourism Fair in Madrid where, to put it very nice, Quirino and Mrs. Rosy Fuentes de Ordaz have left their place in recent years, for the good of Mexico and Sinaloa.

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