AMAZING! The Bronco uses a photo of Valentín Elizalde to promote the use of face masks in Nuevo León

Nuevo León.- The Governor of Nuevo León, Jaime Rodríguez Calderón, better known as “The Bronco“, has impacted on his campaign for the proper use of the mask, this time he used the image of the late singer Valentine Elizalde.

In social networks El Bronco published an image of the Golden rooster, Valentín Elizalde, along with a phrase that makes you think a lot, this has been as part of his campaign for the use of face masks because of the Covid-19.

“Use it compa, I still don’t want to meet you”, it reads next to the image of Valentine Elizalde published by El Bronco.

The governor of Nuevo León wrote on his social networks that it is not yet time to meet idols such as the Golden Rooster, that they better pay attention to him and stay at home listening to his songs.

“It is not time, yet, to meet our idols, such as the Golden Rooster. So, you know, listen to me and better listen to their songs at home, with a loggerhead and some pork rinds … Have an excellent Sunday . “, Jaime Rodríguez wrote.

This is not the first time that El Bronco publishes an image referring to something famous, as it previously used a matrix image with the famous red and blue pill this to motivate vaccination.

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According to what was published by the governor, the red pill was to be vaccinated and the blue one was not to be vaccinated, the latter, according to him, was for people who wanted to continue living in the womb, saying that nothing happens and that Covid-19 is not exists.

El Bronco campaign to use the mask / Photo: Screenshot


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