Álvaro Obregón School Center

In 1937, Colonel Alfredo Delgado came to the Government of Sinaloa. Culiacán was still a city in which it seemed that time had stopped. During the Delgado period, the Revolución Park was built in Culiacán, through a donation of land made by a wealthy resident of the city; the Eustaquio Buelna and Ruperto L. Paliza schools, the Baltasar Izaguirre Rojo kindergarten, expanded Francisco I. Madero Boulevard and opened the Malecón.

The Álvaro Obregón School Center, very important in the educational life of Culiacán, was inaugurated by Delgado on September 15, 1939, but its construction began in the period of Professor Manuel Páez. Verdugo Fálquez notes that in that place, before the school was built, there was a masonry construction in which there was a statue dedicated to the teacher, “of highly debatable artistic merit”, and in the background, towards the boardwalk, a lot that was known with the name of Huerta de Don Luz Salmón, one of the most powerful men in the city.

When the owner died and the Salmon family practically disappeared, “the property fell into disrepair, until it fell into ruin; and thus acquired by the Government, the construction was completely demolished, and a park was arranged in the place for sports games for children and young people ”. All my children have studied in this school.

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